AIR Yoga©

AIR Yoga ©

Join us as we enhance traditional yoga postures with the use of the beautiful silk hammock. Class emphasis is on developing flexibility, balance, and strength with this unique combination of aerial and yoga. Use our beautiful silk fabrics to assist, support, and guide you to another level of yogic bliss. The silk sling hammock is used for restorative, yin, therapeutic, and for those with limited flexibility.

Benefits of practicing Air yoga:
*Decompress tight joints
*Relieve pressure while aligning the vertebrae
*Create better body awareness and agility
*Work the deep tissues of the body – it’s like getting a deep massage or bodywork
*Therapeutic for recovering from injuries
*Develop more core and upper body strength than in a mat yoga practice
*Stretch further with less strain
*Perform inversions without neck or back compression
*Release fears and develop confidence
*Restorative, calming, relaxing and meditative
*ahhhh floating Savasana!

This class is open to all levels. No tricks are taught, just pure Airotique aerial yoga!

Please, no jewelry, lotions, or body oils, as we don’t want to compromise your grip on the silks. We suggest wearing a close-fitting shirt and pants or leggings. Yoga attire and most workout gear is fine, but shorts and exposed midriffs are not recommended. No zippers or buckles, please.

Please bring your yoga mat, towel and water.
All students must be at least 18 years of age.

Reservations are required as spots are limited!