AERIAL ROPE – Airotique is pleased to offer two of the rarest forms of circus arts: the Spanish web and the corde lisse!  We will introduce you to both of them, each with its own unique skills and challenges.

The Spanish web is a thick, medium-stretch rope encased in a smooth sleeve or ‘web.’ It utilizes a swivel and an optional hand/foot loop, and is a great way to work on forms and poses.

The second, the corde lisse, is a braided rope with a decent stretch to it. This apparatus does not employ the use of a swivel or hand loop, so the focus is on climbing, wrapping, and ‘bouncing’ techniques.

Aerial rope training is challenging, fun, and a great confidence builder. It is a beautiful, unique and expressive tool that has many fun outlets.

Please, no jewelry, lotions, or body oils, as we don’t want to compromise your grip on the ropes.

We suggest wearing a close-fitting shirt and pants or leggings. Yoga attire and most workout gear is fine, but shorts and exposed midriffs are not recommended.

All students must be at least 18 years of age, or 15 years with a parent or guardian present during class.

Rope instruction is offered by Private or semi private appointment only