Airotique Aerial Fitness and Performing Arts


Airotique General Manager and Instructor

Janice had been taking Yoga and Pilate classes sporadically for many years when she began a regular meditation practice at home. She loves exercise and likes to share her passion with others by leading group classes. Her love affair with the silk hammock came four years ago, when she was a couch potato and found Airotique, it changed her life! The love has continued and has spread to the Lyra, Static Trapeze and to Silks. Janice loves to meet and teach new people – particularly helping effect positive changes in their lives. Her goal is for her classes are to add joy and a fun exercise experience to participants’ lives…with a circus twist! Her greatest joy is to hear students’ laughter fill the studio, their excitement and giddiness. That truly makes her happy and she loves each and every one of them.