Airotique Aerial Fitness and Performing Arts


Welcome aboard your aerial journey. All instructors are trained and certified in Aerial safety & instruction, cpr, first aid and rigging. Each instructor has several years experience in different forms of aerials, acrobatics, dance, gymnastics, fitness, circus arts and yoga. The biggest plus you will enjoy with each instructor is their passion for teaching and sharing this amazing art.  


Founder, director,  owner and instructor.
Certified AAA-ISMA Advanced Personal trainer
American Heart Association Basic Lifesaving instructor

Cynthia’s passion started at a young age in gymnastics, cheer and dance. She has been a fitness/dance instructor and certified personal trainer for over 20 years. Her passion for the aerial arts started in Las Vegas in 1996 at Cirque du soleil’s show Mystere She knew someday she wanted to learn the amazing aerial arts. It wasn’t until 2009 she started exploring the art and decided to bring her fitness and aerial life together. She then founded Airotique Movement in 2010 and expanded to Airotique aerial fitness and performing arts in 2011 where she brings the local community classes and performances.


General manager and instructor 
Janice had been taking Yoga and Pilates classes sporadically for many years when she began a regular meditation practice at home. She loves exercise and likes to share her passion with others by leading group classes. Her love affair with the silk hammock came four years ago, when she was a couch potato and found Airotique, it changed her life! The love has continued and has spread to the Lyra, Static Trapeze and to Silks. Janice loves to meet and teach new people – particularly helping effect positive changes in their lives. Her goal is for her classes are to add joy and a fun exercise experience to participants’ lives…with a circus twist! Her greatest joy is to hear students’ laughter fill the studio, their excitement and giddiness. That truly makes her happy and she loves each and every one of them.


Instrutor and performer

Joslin comes to Airotique with a background in gymnastics, cheerleading, and yoga. She started her journey into the circus arts in 2013 with the art of pole fitness. She then quickly delved into other areas of aerial arts and contortion, enjoying all of the apparatuses that Airotique has to offer. She performed in the Airotique Summer Showcase in 2014 in silk hammock and lyra. Circus arts bring out the best in Joslin’s strength and extreme flexibility, and she loves sharing her passion with others. Joslin is trained and certified in CPR & AED through the American Heart Association.


Instructor and Associate Solo performer
Disa grew up in rural Wisconsin in the heartland of the US, and remains to this day a country girl at heart. Her first sojourn into the air was at age ten, when she started taking classes with a local aerial dance troupe in Madison, WI. She quickly decided that playing in the air and making people smile was the life for her, so after high school she packed up and headed to circus school in the UK. Since then, her performing career has taken her around the world and has included appearances with Zippo’s Circus in the UK and Rambo Circus in India. Disa is quite convinced that she has the best job in the world.


Instructor and performer 
Kate has been dancing all of her life, and has now brought that knowledge and talent into the air. She enjoys teaching, dancing and choreographing routines in the hammock and instructing Air Yoga. Kate’s passion for teaching comes form her desire to see her students let go to their fear and fly. As Kate says every Air Yoga class ‘Let the silk lift your heart.’
Kate is a 200 RYT, Laughing Yoga Leader Certified and Pre-Natal Yoga Certified.


Instructor and performer


Instructor and performer
Nikee is passionate about making sure you get the most out of your aerial experience. To her, nothing is better than the look of delight on your face as she helps you nail a new trick in class. Her hobbies include yoga, dancing, laughing, and cooking, sharing, and eating food. Lots and lots of food.


Instructor and performer 
Tiffany Jacobs is a fitness enthusiast with in background in gymnastics, color guard, and pole fitness. As a general rule, if she is sweating, she is happy. Tiffany is always looking for new and unique ways to challenge her students, both physically and mentally, as they continue along their aerial journey. Her classes always embrace the “can-do” spirit and there are plenty of high-fives to go around. Tiffany is most happy sitting atop the trapeze or just watching her students achieve feats they never imagined they could. Tiffany is a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor


Instructor  and performer
Come in and fly with Krista. She was introduced to the amazing world of aerial arts at Airotique Movement in 2011, and she has been addicted ever since. Exercise has always been a big part of her life starting with cheering at a young age and expanding with a passion for various forms of fitness from running, to yoga, and various aerial arts. She was amazed at the special motivation to reach a pose …and then you realize you are building strength, flexibility and poise through the graceful moves and extensions of the body. It is her love of the silk hammock and lyra that has motivated her to perform in three student showcases. Her patience and ability to break down movements is an asset in teaching students the basic poses and more complex combinations. There is no better reward than building someone’s self-confidence, courage, and strength through aerials.



I was always fairly active Swimming and Gymnastics, but stopped Gymnastics around the age of ten. Remembering how much I loved gymnastics as a child no sport on land seemed to capture my love quite the same. So I decided to go in a bit of a different route. I first decided to try pole, but with the lack of skill development at the place I was going I quickly got bored. Fortunately I knew that one of the instructors took classes in Aerial silks in the area. So on a whim I decided to Google silks in Virginia beach and I happily stumbled upon Airotique. Since I signed up for my first class I have been hooked. I realized why no sport on the ground was meant for me. I happen to love fighting gravity!


Studio  “Ringmaster” and instructor

Travis developed a passion for fitness while he served in the Army. This expressed itself in many ways, and he has picked up several physical hobbies since then. He came to Airotique in 2013 with a prior background as a dancer and decided to start his circus arts journey by taking a class in acro. It did not take long before he took classes for all of the other apparatuses available as well. He focuses on trapeze acro, and dance aerials. Travis performed in the Winter showcase of 2014 on the trapeze.


Instructor and performer

Chelsea brings Airotique many years of aerial fabric training . She has taught adults and youth in class settings, clinics and camps. She currently coaches swimming and has a background completion gymnastics, diving and crossfit. Her athletic background is a huge bonus for awesome aerial training.


Instructor and performer

Elana has studied theater for many years and various styles of dance for 12 years, She was Captain of her gymnastics team for 2 years in a row and regional competing gymnast. She currently works as a Sunday school teacher and a Standardized patient at Eastern Virginia Medical school. Her experience with child care and development makes her a wonderful caring instructor.


Instructor and performer

Casey first discovered the aerial arts over 2 years ago when she first came to a cirque fit class. After one class, she was hooked and became instantly obsessed with the aerial arts. With a background in yoga and weight lifting, the strength element of aerials came easy. As she increased her training, she became interested in improving endurance and flexibility. She is excited to bring her love health, fitness, and aerial arts to new and old students alike.