Airotique Aerial Dance & Performing Arts

Lyra Dance

Learn beautiful movements and poses in a circular steel hoop called the Lyra.  The lyra is  suspended 4-5′ above the mat and has the gift of spin.  Students will build  build strength ,flexibility and grace in the lyra.

There will be a strong focus on injury prevention and flexibility.  Levels will be in different groups for students that want improve current skill level.

The Aerial Hoop, sometimes called Lyra, is a large metal hoop that is suspended from either one or two hang points. In this class students will work at their own pace learning to swing, spin, and execute skills under, on, and above the hoop. This beautiful apparatus will challenge and delight students as they learn to move gracefully through space with the hoop as their partner. Aerial hoop is a versatile, exciting, and challenging piece of equipment


Lead Instructor Approval
Master all Beginner skills
Perform conditioning drills to instructor satisfaction
Student must be able to perform pull over entrance, front & back balance, and single & double knee hangs.

The student will become more comfortable moving within the hoop and taught how to utilize the top bar on double and single tab lyra. Students will condition to develop more control, technique, and flexibility for stronger transitons and poses.

Basic class structure:
Warm up for five to seven minutes
Review basic skills
Introduce new skill(s)
Cool down for five to ten minutes
No jewelry, lotions, or body oils, as we don’t want to compromise your grip on the hoop.

We suggest wearing a close-fitting shirt and pants or leggings. Yoga attire and most workout gear is fine, but shorts and exposed midriffs are not recommended. Bring a pair of socks or legwarmers to protect your ankles. Don’t forget your water bottle!

All students must be at least 18 years of age, or 15 years with a parent or guardian present during class.

Reservations are required as spots are limited!

Beginners must stay within 5ft or less

Intermediate students must stay within 10ft or less

Advanced students are only allowed past 10ft with Instructor permission