Airotique Aerial Fitness and Performing Arts


Where to begin?  If you have never tried this art, please check out the different apparatus we offer then book a beginner or Intro class.    Airotique requires all new students book their first class in a beginner level since we teach in progression.  Airotique also  has specific  pre requisites for intermediate and advanced classes.  If you have experience at another facility our instructors will assess your skill ability and vocabulary knowledge during class.

Is there an age requirement or any restrictions? YES  All participants must be 18 years old or 15 with parental consent.    The maximum age is based on one’s personal ability.  Participants must be at least  54 inches tall.  Occasionally we will hold  youth workshops and series   for 12-15 year olds, please sign up on our mailing list for future dates.   If you would like training for children under 12 years old please contact our friends across the water in Hampton VA,  Transcendence aerial and dance.

Do students need to be in good health?   YES  Airotique classes require each student to have full use of both hands and feet. It is not recommended for people that are pregnant, have current heart or blood pressure conditions. Students are required to be in good health and released from doctor’s care for any injuries or prior surgeries. Students are required to hold body weight. Registrations, waiver and liability forms are required from every student.  Advanced students and Airotique aerial performers  must provide current sports physical.

Is there a weight limit?  The aerial apparatus is weight loaded for 500 pounds.  Each student must  be able to lift personal body weight to enter and exit out of equipment.  Instructors are present to spot not lift.

Is there a height requirement?    YES  Due to equipment heights and sizes students must be at least 54 inches tall.

What should I wear or bring?  WEAR– Form fitting long workout pants and shirts are recommended for skin protection. We recommend  bringing long socks or trapeze boots  for certain bar classes.  Please do not  wear clothes with zippers or studs, lotions, oils or jewelry during class   We provide lockers for all your personal items.   Cleanliness of clothing and skin are very  important to Airotique.  Shoes, drinks or food are never allowed in our main gym or on the mats.   Socks can be worn for certain classes.  Absolutely NO long pointy nails.  For safety and grip reasons nails must be at a workable length and rounded.  Airotique reserves the right to reschedule students if these requirements aren’t met.

Can I show up for  a class?  NO, Airotique requires that every  client make a reservation for every type of instruction  to ensure participant has equipment and personal instruction necessary.  Our doors are locked until 15 minutes before class starts.  If the class is full we offer waiting list.  Please refer to the class menu to view descriptions and pictures of classes.  Registration and full payment are required prior to class.  No shows will not be refunded.

 Can I book a private lesson for a small group?  YES  we can host a small session for your group the required amount is 5-12 persons.  Full payment due upon booking and must be completed 48 hours before desired date.   Please call for availability. This private time  is great for team building and special occasions.

 Is picture or video recording  allowed?  NO this is for safety and confidentiality reasons.  Airotique records classes and student progression with video, pictures and student permissions. NO CELL PHONES, food or drinks in the main studio.

Can I watch a class or have guests watch me in class? No  Airotique focuses on safety first.  It can be a distraction for students  and instructor if they are spectators.  We welcome parents and rides to wait in our waiting room.  The only people allowed in the main gym during aerial training is the participant and instructor.  

 Do you have Open Gym times?  NO  We offer individual private practice time to our current advanced students and performers only.  If you are a traveling professional and need private workout time, please email us your professional information such as your website and company details.  If approved, you may rent studio time per hour which is the same price as a private lesson.  If you have your own equipment  and would like to rent point you must provide insurance information and pay additional fee for Airotique management to hang your equipment. 

How do I enroll?  Please register and book online.  Reservations are required for each class.  New clients are required  to complete registrations and waivers before class.  Our registration and waiver form is listed below if you want to save time and print to bring with you.

Reservations and cancellations – RESERVATIONS REQUIRED  class 2 hours prior to  class start time and cancel within  2 hours of reservation.  Please cancel your reservation online if you can’t make it.   Please note Airotique reserves the right to cancel or change class due to schedule conflict, weather or lack of registration. If the class is full Airotique offers a waitlist please make sure to use this as our system will notify you if there is a cancellation.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class please  reschedule your reservation.  The warm up is very crucial to aerial training and prevents injury. 

Wanna save time ?  Complete this form Airotique-2018-Registration , print and bring with you before class.