Airotique Aerial Dance & Performing Arts



Airotique’s unique apparatus and combination of Lyra and Vertical pole. The Lollipop is offered in dance workshops and private instruction.

At least 6 Lyra classes
At least 6 Vertical dynamics classes
Lead Instructor & Manager approval
Ability to straddle invert on Lyra and Vertical Pole
Ability to climb Vertical Pole without assistance

Lyra Pole Lollipop is Airotique’s unique apparatus combination of various pole arts such as Chinese, Western, and Mallakhamb. The Lollipop is a Lyra on a freestanding pole. Students will climb, sping, and dance from the ground up to the Lyra 4 to 8 feet off the ground.

Attire: Workout shorts or capri yoga pants recommended.
No lotions, body oils, or jewelry.

Students between must be at 18 years old or 15 with parental permission.

AIRotique Basic class structure:
Warm up for five to seven minutes
Review basic skills
Introduce new skill(s)
Cool down for five to ten minutes