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Chelsea brings Airotique many years of aerial fabric training . She has taught adults and youth in class settings, clinics and camps. She currently coaches swimming and has a background competion gymnastics, diving and crossfit. Her athletic background is a huge bonus for awesome aerial training.






2 days ago

AIRotique Movement

Day 6- “Grounded “ aerial conditioning challenge with Instructor Cayley dedicated to Instructor Lucille .

Day 6 of @airotique ‘s “grounded” aerial conditioning challenge is all about pointed toes! So let’s warm up those feet and get right to the point!

Pointed leg lifts x20 each side: point your toe and lift that leg! Pretty simple, just make sure you’re using your muscles and not momentum!

Ankle rolls x10 both sides, clockwise and counterclockwise

Pointed standing butt lifts x20 each side: you can hold on to a chair or table for stability or work on your balance. Bring one leg behind you and point your toe towards the ceiling , pulse x20 each side.

Wall sit with heel raises: press your back against a wall and squat until your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle. Once there, raise your heels off the ground x 15.

toe point with flex band x15 each side: sit on the floor with your legs out straight in front of you. Use a flex band if available, if you do not own one you can use a scarf or even a pair of leggings! Loop the band around the back of your foot so they your toes are covered from behind. Pull the band towards your chest to create tension and point your toes x15 each side.

EXTRA CREDIT! Show us all the things you can do with your beautiful pointed toes! Either in a video or picture, and be sure to tag @airotique so we can see! Humor and creativity appreciated.
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3 days ago

AIRotique Movement

Day 5 -“Grounded” aerial conditioning with Cayley Cormier

Good news!!! Today’s conditioning challenge will only take you 4 minutes and ten seconds to complete! That’s it! No excuses! Bad news? Uh.... oh look a dog!!
Day 5 of airotique’s “grounded” aerial conditioning challenge : Little pulse of small death! All the exercises today will be measured in time and not reps, so break out those timers!

Arm circles (small) x1 minute: arms out at a 90 degree angle, small circles for 1 minute!

Prayer pulses x 30 seconds: bring your arms together into a prayer pose. While keeping your hands and forearms pressed against each other, pulse up for 30 seconds

Toe touches x 1 minute: lay in your back and bring your legs up so they are perpendicular to the ground. Reach up and pulse in a motion that looks like you are trying to touch your toes for 1 minute.

“Elvis’s” x 30 seconds: legs wide in a sumo squat position , squat down so the tops of your thighs are near level with the floor. Pulse your knees towards each other for 30 seconds.

Calf raises x30 seconds: heels come off the ground , pulse for 30 seconds

Pigeon calf raises x20 seconds: toes together, Heels apart. Heels come off the ground.

Duck calf raises x20 seconds : heels together, toes apart. Heels come off the ground.

EXTRA CREDIT: take a photo or video where you are upside down! Be a handstand, head stand, hanging off the back of the couch, on a chair, the more creative the better!
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4 days ago

AIRotique Movement

Tiffany meets the Day 3 “Grounded# aerial conditioning challenge with @bell.sprout @airotique ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

AIRotique Movement

“Grounded” aerial conditioning challenge with Cayley Cormier

Day 4 of airotiques “grounded” aerial conditioning challenge is all about meathooks! We’re going to work out our obliques , shoulders and a little bit of legs to stay in shape and hopefully make that first meathook after two months a tiny bit less awful.

Cross body leg lifts x20: as you lift both legs in the air, take a free arm from above your head and crunch forward as you reach across your chest. Alternate arms as you go.

Shoulder push ups x20: start in a basic plank position. Push up and down using only your shoulder muscles , it should be a small movement.

Candlesticks x15 each side: start on one knee, with your other leg straight in a wide stance. The arm that’s the same side as the bent knee will wrap around your ribs and touch your opposite side obliques. The other arm (same side as straight leg) will reach above your head. Lean your chest In the direction of the bent knees making sure your shoulders stay square with your hips. Lean over until you are unable to go further and slowly come back up.

Oblique twists x30: sitting up with your legs in front of you, reach out both hands together in front of you. Twist side to side going as far as you can with control.

MEATHOOK pathway leg lifts x15 each side: to most easily get in position start on your back with legs in the air. Pic a side to be your “hanging arm”. While keeping that arm towards the ceiling, pike your legs in the direction of the “hanging arm”. Your free arm , which is now the arm with the shoulder towards the ceiling, should reach above your head parallel to your body and the floor. Once in position slowly lift your top leg.

EXTRA CREDIT!!! Take a photo or video of yourself doing a side plank (with or without top leg raised) the more creative the better!!
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5 days ago

AIRotique Movement

Airotique’s “Grounded” aerial conditioning with Cayley

It’s time for day 3 of the “grounded” aerial conditioning challenge: BUTT!!
Glute strength is essential to achieving many different poses and tricks in aerial, so let’s gets those buns working!

Diamond butt lifts x20: lay on your stomach with your legs apart. Touch your toes together to create a diamond shape with your legs. Keeping your toes together but your legs apart, use your glutes to lift your thighs off the floor.

Fire hydrants x20 each side: start on all fours. Lift one leg up at a 90 degree angle from your body, just like a dog would do at a fire hydrant!

Toilet paper bridges x20: take a roll of toilet paper , or basically any small item in your house, and place it between your knees while in a bridge position. Thrust your hips in the air while squeeze the toilet paper roll between your legs.

Single leg lift bridges: while still in a bridge take one leg and point it towards the ceiling. Slowly lower your leg down parallel to the ground without touching it , then back up towards the ceiling. Keep your butt off the floor!

Sumo squats w/weight x25: after finding some heavy books or weights, start with legs wide and toes facing out. Squat while keeping a flat back. Pulse the last 5!

Extra credit !!! Try squatting with the most ridiculous thing you can find in your house ! Post a pic!! ( p.s I bit off a little more than I could chew with my choice, could barely get half a squat !!)
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