Airotique Aerial Fitness and Performing Arts



acro3ACRO is an exercise that is a combination of trust and connection, developing dynamic play as well as flexibility for the mind and body. You will add inverts to your workout with handstands and more.

This class will include a warm up, stretching and skill training for both men and women. This is a non-competitive environment with wall-to-wall floor mats and industry standard safety mats. Come prepared to be upside down in the air and team build with other students in balance and form.

Discover a whole new perspective on physical conditioning!

We suggest wearing a close-fitting shirt and pants or leggings. Yoga attire and most workout gear is fine, but shorts and exposed midriffs are not recommended. Don’t forget your water bottle!

NOTE: This class requires 2 or more people to be signed up in order to run. If only one student is present due to last minute cancellations, the instructor will work on conditioning and balance exercises.

Please note that Acro tricks and body balance is a contact exercise class with other students that requires physical touch and assistance. All students must be 18 years of age.